Monday, February 26, 2007

To do for Wednesday....

Prepare a proposal to re-create a space or location in Second Life from our environs in Reno.

Keep thinking of new performance ideas, whether in our new, as yet to be created space or in other locations in SL.


J said...

Hi all,
I was thinking places in Reno that I spend a lot of time and that would be Starbucks! Each starbucks located in Reno is quite unique. Check out this site:
I think there's enough for all of us to create one on SL. But its kind of complicated and time consuming. Just an idea of of Starbucks consuming little Reno.

Chuck Klees aka Jenny

Summerlover said...

I think that we should recreate something recognizable to Reno, but not stereotypical. Perhaps the downtown river area somewhere. And we can include some various aspects in the background. I can't think of anything I like in this town enough to recreate it. Perhaps, recreating the Grand Sierra Resort. Its where I spend most of my time. Also, maybe a couple of seedy motels. I don't think I've seen any grungey, low-incme areas of second life. We could be Chuck Norris bums. Well, those are the Ideas I have.
Jess E.

Ashley said...

I had an idea to re-create the downtown area in a retro look. Maybe find out how downtown looked in the 50's and not include anything that didnt exist several years go. I would also be interested in re-creating the old Reno arch

Chuck Repine aka Ashley