Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Living in Second Life

I was reading MacWorld and I ran across an interesting article on Second Life call "Living in Second Life - Maximize your experience in the virtual world". I talkes about some of the difficulties Mac users run into when using this program and how to fix them.


DJ (Chuck Roffo)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Onward we go. We met briefly in SL today to discuss the group performances. Most were not ready to go.

Here is what you must have completed and ready for the class by our next meeting, after spring break, on Monday March 26th.

1) Everyone upgrade to Premium - use Linden $$$ as needed to get the outfit/appearance you want for your directed performance of the group.

2) Research performance art - look into the rich history of this area of contemporary art practice. A great place to start with numerous links:

3) Arrive in class on Monday, March 26th ready to share your appearance with the group and have very concrete steps towards instructing the group to action in SL.

4) Take this seriously, consider why the Chuck Norris performance was successful - it was simple, culturally relevant and communicated something funny, drew much attention in SL (quite a feat when you really think about it) and took advantage of our context as a group.

OK, have a great and safe break. See you soon in SL and RL

Joseph (Chuck Masala)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For Wednesday, March 14th

Hello all!
Due for Wednesday - after much discussion in SL during our online class meeting on Monday - we have decided that each of you will create a new avatar for group performance. Here are your rough parameters:

1) Create a new avatar/appearance that you will share/duplicate using the entire group.

2) Identify a performative act to take place in SL using said new avatar.

3) If necessary to the content of the work - also identify a location in which to perform - otherwise plan on identifying a location in class to which you will invite your fellow performers.

You are the director! This assignment will result in 16 distinct performance events! Should be quite fun.

Finally, we will adhere to the SL code of behavior - we cannot afford to get banned from SL. We will be using the same Chuck ________ names to continue as the Chuck Norris Performance Ensemble.

I should be able to get online during Wednesday's class (will be in Amsterdam in RL). If not, please proceed to perform. If everyone takes around 15 minutes or so, we should at least be able to get through a few of these our first take on this on Wednesday.

OK, have fun! See you in SL.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Surfer's Paradise

Surfer's Paradise is an instllation work created by Ashley Guidry and Yusuke Hatanaka which is located in the Phone Booth Gallery in the Church Fine Arts Building at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Our motivation to create this paradise was to transform an ugly and run-down space into a new truly relaxing and welcoming space. In the space we used a video that included the ocean, beautiful beach sunsets, surfers and more. The video is calming and relaxing. The sound we added to the video were sounds of the ocean's waves, seagulls and whistling ships, which also gives a feeling of being calm and relaxed.

In the space we added sand to represent the beach and brush to illustrate palm trees. The ocean often reminds people of being on vacation. The paradise illustrates a relaxating place where people want to be, and the ugly space implies a daily life that sometimes frustrates people. People who are tired of daily life always demand a certain kind of relaxation. However, ironically, it is hard for them to get true relaxation. This is why the paradise is locked out and located in a spot where it is difficult for people to reach.You can enjoy the contrast between ugly space and paradise with seeing our Surfer's Paradise.

News on Chuck

Here is some of the latest news on the Chuck Performers.

Chucks have been blogged

Wirxli Flimflam, a performance artist and citizen of Second Life, blogged our performance "School of Chuck Norris visits my PR Office!" The post includes some pictures and dialogues between Wirxli and some Chucks. Wirxli said that he/she enjoyed our performance.

Marco Mantray, a free-lance photographer and reporter in SL, posted a picture of Chuck Masala and other Chucks taken at Wirxli Filmflams' Office atop Sugar Mountain in Odyssey.

Idea for SL

Hey yall, anyone interested in making a police force with our chucks?? I just wanted to explore what a role like police officers, us army, marines, etc. might portray in a game like SL where there really aren't any forms of authority. Another interesting point would be the ability to have 16 authorative looking figures. Maybe we could make a compound or a police dept. Rather than us being chuck norris ( a funny character ) we could see what our Flashmob reactions could be to more authorative figures.

Let me know what you think with some follow-ups maybe? Tyson Frederick

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Reflections is an interactive installation created by Rebecca Babicz and Drew which was located in the “Phone Booth Gallery” in the Church Fine Arts building at the University of Nevada- Reno.
This was both our first time creating an installation piece and found it a challenging and fun experience. We decided that we wanted our installation to be interactive first and for most. Drew came up with an idea based off a childhood game he used to play using a camera flash. We came up with a ton of ideas throughout the process and finally decided to base our main idea off different ways of viewing yourself. There were two parts to out installation piece. In the first part we used the glass window of the phone booth for a place to put a surveillance screen. We thought this fit into the overall idea of our project because people don’t normally get to see themselves on a surveillance screen. Inside the phone booth gallery we set up mirrors and hung a camera flash from the ceiling. We encouraged our users to close the door and stare into the mirror and set off the flash. Our idea was that after the user set off the flash, all they would see is the remnants of their face. We really wanted our users to gain a different perspective of themselves that they would not be exposed to in their daily life. We used music in our installation and the song we created was an echoing of whales, which we hoped enhanced the experience.
Overall we feel like our project was successful. We dealt with a few problems like painting the walls the wrong color but that is one thing we would do differently next time. Some of the comments we got from our classmates were that it was a “trippy experience.” Unfortunately were only able to keep the installation up for one week so if you missed it here are some pictures.

click pictures to enlarge:

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