Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Onward we go. We met briefly in SL today to discuss the group performances. Most were not ready to go.

Here is what you must have completed and ready for the class by our next meeting, after spring break, on Monday March 26th.

1) Everyone upgrade to Premium - use Linden $$$ as needed to get the outfit/appearance you want for your directed performance of the group.

2) Research performance art - look into the rich history of this area of contemporary art practice. A great place to start with numerous links:

3) Arrive in class on Monday, March 26th ready to share your appearance with the group and have very concrete steps towards instructing the group to action in SL.

4) Take this seriously, consider why the Chuck Norris performance was successful - it was simple, culturally relevant and communicated something funny, drew much attention in SL (quite a feat when you really think about it) and took advantage of our context as a group.

OK, have a great and safe break. See you soon in SL and RL

Joseph (Chuck Masala)

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