Thursday, March 1, 2007


Reflections is an interactive installation created by Rebecca Babicz and Drew which was located in the “Phone Booth Gallery” in the Church Fine Arts building at the University of Nevada- Reno.
This was both our first time creating an installation piece and found it a challenging and fun experience. We decided that we wanted our installation to be interactive first and for most. Drew came up with an idea based off a childhood game he used to play using a camera flash. We came up with a ton of ideas throughout the process and finally decided to base our main idea off different ways of viewing yourself. There were two parts to out installation piece. In the first part we used the glass window of the phone booth for a place to put a surveillance screen. We thought this fit into the overall idea of our project because people don’t normally get to see themselves on a surveillance screen. Inside the phone booth gallery we set up mirrors and hung a camera flash from the ceiling. We encouraged our users to close the door and stare into the mirror and set off the flash. Our idea was that after the user set off the flash, all they would see is the remnants of their face. We really wanted our users to gain a different perspective of themselves that they would not be exposed to in their daily life. We used music in our installation and the song we created was an echoing of whales, which we hoped enhanced the experience.
Overall we feel like our project was successful. We dealt with a few problems like painting the walls the wrong color but that is one thing we would do differently next time. Some of the comments we got from our classmates were that it was a “trippy experience.” Unfortunately were only able to keep the installation up for one week so if you missed it here are some pictures.

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