Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Surfer's Paradise

Surfer's Paradise is an instllation work created by Ashley Guidry and Yusuke Hatanaka which is located in the Phone Booth Gallery in the Church Fine Arts Building at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Our motivation to create this paradise was to transform an ugly and run-down space into a new truly relaxing and welcoming space. In the space we used a video that included the ocean, beautiful beach sunsets, surfers and more. The video is calming and relaxing. The sound we added to the video were sounds of the ocean's waves, seagulls and whistling ships, which also gives a feeling of being calm and relaxed.

In the space we added sand to represent the beach and brush to illustrate palm trees. The ocean often reminds people of being on vacation. The paradise illustrates a relaxating place where people want to be, and the ugly space implies a daily life that sometimes frustrates people. People who are tired of daily life always demand a certain kind of relaxation. However, ironically, it is hard for them to get true relaxation. This is why the paradise is locked out and located in a spot where it is difficult for people to reach.You can enjoy the contrast between ugly space and paradise with seeing our Surfer's Paradise.

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