Tuesday, March 13, 2007

For Wednesday, March 14th

Hello all!
Due for Wednesday - after much discussion in SL during our online class meeting on Monday - we have decided that each of you will create a new avatar for group performance. Here are your rough parameters:

1) Create a new avatar/appearance that you will share/duplicate using the entire group.

2) Identify a performative act to take place in SL using said new avatar.

3) If necessary to the content of the work - also identify a location in which to perform - otherwise plan on identifying a location in class to which you will invite your fellow performers.

You are the director! This assignment will result in 16 distinct performance events! Should be quite fun.

Finally, we will adhere to the SL code of behavior - we cannot afford to get banned from SL. We will be using the same Chuck ________ names to continue as the Chuck Norris Performance Ensemble.

I should be able to get online during Wednesday's class (will be in Amsterdam in RL). If not, please proceed to perform. If everyone takes around 15 minutes or so, we should at least be able to get through a few of these our first take on this on Wednesday.

OK, have fun! See you in SL.


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