Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Idea for SL

Hey yall, anyone interested in making a police force with our chucks?? I just wanted to explore what a role like police officers, us army, marines, etc. might portray in a game like SL where there really aren't any forms of authority. Another interesting point would be the ability to have 16 authorative looking figures. Maybe we could make a compound or a police dept. Rather than us being chuck norris ( a funny character ) we could see what our Flashmob reactions could be to more authorative figures.

Let me know what you think with some follow-ups maybe? Tyson Frederick


Chuck Tenk said...

Love the idea! We could be a group of enforcers with our weapons, surround people and push them around. I think this would be interesting since there is no police force in SL and also with the military actions taken place worldwide it would be interesting.

Becca B said...

i like the idea too. it would be funny to act official and make people think we are a real SL police force.

Yusuke said...

i want to go for it, too. this is ironic to have some authorities because SL is a virtual world of freedom. my ideas for art always come up with something ironic or contrasted with. so i love this idea.

Digital Media UNR said...

Hey all,
This is an interesting idea. We should talk more of this when I return. We need to figure out a way to do this so as not to get banned from SL! There is an invisible voice of authority in SL, the admins - we would need to do this in such a way that we were respectful of the rules while at the same time poking fun by pretending to enforce such, keep everyone safe, (protect and serve). etc.

Chuck Tenk said...

Hey all!

I found the one type of police that SL does have... check it out ... .